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The Law of Commercial Trucking: Damages to Persons and Property (4th ed.) 


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Recent comments about the book:

The "Bible" for understanding commercial trucking litigation"

"A must for any litigator involved in a truck accident case"

"The use of David Nissenberg's book on commercial trucking is MANDATORY for any attorney engaged in truck accident litigation"

Articles Written by David Nissenberg for "Expert Commentaries on Tort Law", a LexisNexis Online Publication.
  • Nissenberg on Trucking in Adverse Weather Conditions.

  • Nissenberg on Hauling Hidden Dangers on Our Roadways.

  • Nissenberg on Big Rig Underride Crashes.

  • Nissenberg on Legal Issues and Consequences of Driving an Overweight Big Rig.

  • Nissenberg on Legal Issues
    Involving Forklift and Loading 
    Dock Safety.


  • David N. Nissenberg on Hazmat Highways: Transporting
    Hazardous Materials on the
    Roadway and the Legal Issues
    that Arise When Spilled Materials Cause Fatalities and Injuries.

Attorney David Nissenberg

Author, Consultant and Expert Witness on Interstate Trucking Law and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

2023 WINNER of the National Board of Trial Advocacy's PRESIDENT'S AWARD for major contributions to the legal profession

Creative Solutions To Complex Problems


1)  David Nissenberg can provide expertise on all issues involved with interstate trucking litigation, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. These include, as well, insurance coverage issues, theories of liability and how to add new defendants or cross-defendants in cases involving intermodal containers and ocean carriers, for all of which David Nissenberg's expertise has successfully been put to use in the past for both plaintiffs and defense.

2)  In complex cases where liability or insurance coverage is an issue David Nissenberg is available to appear at a mediation or settlement conference with expert analysis on your client"s behalf.

3)  His consulting fees include a non-refundable retainer requirement of $4000 and billing is at $500 per hour.  Any work over 8 hours will be billed accordingly, travel and lodging where applicable.

4)  David Nissenberg is also available to co-counsel and is open to "of counsel" opportunities.

David Nissenberg Brings Unique Qualifications As An Expert in the Field of Truck Accident Litigation

He has lectured on the subject of truck accident litigation in EVERY state with the exception of Montana and Alaska, presenting his CLE seminar, "Truck Accident Litigation in a Nutshell" 300 times in 125 different cities over an 11 year period. 

For more information or to enroll in seminar click on this link.

His 2 volume book which runs over a thousand pages includes cases from EVERY state and is kept current through the addition of two supplements per year.


David Nissenberg's offices are in San Diego, CA and he can be reached there at the addresses and number set forth below. 

     Email:            P.O. Box 2063, La Jolla, CA 92038          1-858-254-5584

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